2013 Road Projects
April 23, 2013

The Osage Roads Department is currently involved in three Projects.

Chief Paul Pitts Road project is a complete reconstruction of Chief Paul Pitts Road (CR 2350) between Wynona and Barnsdall a total of 10.5 miles of roadway.  It includes 2 bridges.  This roadway improvement improves travel and safety between the two towns.  This project started in 2012, is now 75% complete and is to be finished in 2013. 
36th Street North Phase II.  This project is the second phase of reconstruction near the Tulsa casino.  The first phase was finished in 2011.  This project overlays N. Osage Drive and W. 43rd St. North, improving overall access for the entire area and includes a bridge replacement on W. 43rd St. N.  This project is 50% complete and is due to finish in 2013.
Big Snake Project.  This project just East of Ponca City is a total reconstruction of City View and an overlay of Kelley Ave. that is due to break ground Spring 2013.
L.B. May.  This project will make the necessary repairs and bridge replacement that will re-open the truck route in Pawhuska that has been closed since Winter.  Now that the Right of Way has been acquired, the utilities are being moved and construction is due to begin by July of 2013.

Any questions or suggestions are always welcome.  Please contact Justin Carr at 287-5204.

The new Transportation Improvement Plan for the next 5 years will be available for review in May of 2013, be on the lookout for the draft available on this website at the time.  From May to July any comments or suggestions on future projects will be taken into consideration.