October 12, 2008

 The primary objectives of the surface water monitoring program are to conduct assessments and monitoring activities due to concerns over point and nonpoint sources of pollution. The results will provide the Nation with baseline water quality data.

he ENR Departmental personnel are currently conducting surface water monitoring within the Sand Creek Watershed and the Buck Creek Watershed on the Osage Reservation. Monitoring is occurring at Buck Creek, Sand Creek (two sites), Dry Creek, and Hickory Creek. Fish and macroinvertebrate collections were conducted at Sand Creek Site 1, Dry Creek and Hickory this past summer. Collections will continue this summer at Sand Creek Site 2 and Buck Creek.

 Danna Washbourne and Beverly Lacrone are responsible for monitoring the streams. In addition to the collection of water samples, Danna and Beverly also use field equipment to measure the flow of the streams and to test for various parameters at the stream sites. These parameters include dissolved oxygen, pH, specific conductivity, salinity, turbidity, and temperature.

 After the water samples are collected, they are delivered to the Osage Water Laboratory in Pawhuska where Danna and Julia Wright are responsible for testing the surface water samples. Currently, ecoli, nutrients, chlorides, sulfates and total suspended solids are tested at the laboratory.