2011 Osage Oil & Gas Summit Agenda
November 09, 2011





A  G  E  N  D  A

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


8:00 A.M. – 9:00 A.M.     Continental Breakfast – Promenade C & D


8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.     Exhibits – Promenade C & D


9:00 A.M.                             Opening Ceremonies – Promenade A & B – Chairman, Vann Bighorse

                                                Osage Drummer and Singers

                                                American Legion Post #198

                                                Lord’s Prayer sung by Lou Brock

                                                Lord’s Prayer in Sign Language by Osage Princesses


                                                Welcome & Introductions – Summit Chairman Joyce Whitewing

                                                Principal Chief John Red Eagle

                                                Mayor Dewey Bartlett

                                                Minerals Council Chairman Galen Crum


                                                Osage Culture – Osage Speaker Vann Bighorse


10:00 A.M.                          Break – Exhibit Hall – Promenade C & D


10:30 A.M.                          Osage Oil & Gas Lease Sale

                                                Conducted by Bureau of Indian Affairs


12:00 NOON                       Lunch – Tulsa Ballroom (Downstairs)


                                                Luncheon Keynote Speaker David Curtiss


1:00 P.M.                             Horizontal Well Results from Pearsonia West Concessions- Promenade A & B

                                                Charles Wickstrom


1:30 P.M.                             Dewatering & Horizontal Drilling in the Osage- Promenade A & B

                                                Don Unruh


2:00 P.M.                             3D Seismic Antelope Shoot – Promenade A & B

                                                Jesse Crews


2:30 P.M.                             Break – Exhibit Hall – Promenade C & D



3:00 P.M.                             Deep-Seated Osage Structures – Promenade A & B

                                                G. Randy Keller


3:30 P.M.                             Sequence Boundaries & Oil & Gas Accumulations – Promenade A & B

                                                James O. Puckett


4:00 P.M.                             J. Glenn Cole Cross Sections & Type Logs in Osage County, Oklahoma

                                                Promenade A & B

                                                Vance Hall & Roderick Tillman


5:00 P.M.                             Cocktail Hour – Tulsa Ballroom Foyer – Downstairs


6:00 P.M.                             Banquet – Tulsa Ballroom A – Downstairs


Have a Good Evening!

Osage Casino Transportation at Hotel Entrance





Thursday, November 10, 2011


8:00 A.M.             Full Breakfast Buffet – Tulsa Ballroom – Downstairs


9:00 A.M.             Marginal Well Commission – Promenade A & B

                                Executive Director James Revard


9:30 A.M.             Hybrid Nature of the Cowley & Reeds Spring Reservoirs in Northern Oklahoma

                                Promenade A & B

                                Sal Mazzullo & Brian W. Wilhite



10:00 A.M.          Break – Exhibit Hall – Promenade C & D


10:30 A.M.          Geological Characterization of the Mississippian in Osage County

                                Shane Matson


11:00 A.M.          Osage Seismic & Geosynthetic Model

                                Brian Johnson



12:00 Noon         Lunch – Tulsa Ballroom – Downstairs


1:00 P.M.             Moving In & Rigging Up in the Osage – Promenade A & B

                                Rules & Regulations for Operating in Osage County

                                Led by Charles Hurlburt


Lease Compliance – How to obtain a lease, DO’s, lease terms, etc. with questions & answers – Charles Hurlburt


Field Operations – Flagging & Setting Routes – Richard Winlock


Archeological – Surveys, EA’s, State, etc. – Larry Haikey


Subsurface – Obtaining an approved drilling permit & other 139’s, tracking systems, new 139, etc… Dale Jesse & Heather Little


Saltwater Disposal & Injection Wells – Osage ENR


5:00 P.M.             Closing of Summit– Osage Oil & Gas Summit & Lease Sale

              Chairman Joyce Whitewing








About Our Speakers

Vann Bighorse

Vann Bighorse is of the Osage/Cherokee tribes of Oklahoma.  He was born and raised in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, and attended school there.  He currently lives with his wife, Mary, in Pawhuska.  Mr. Bighorse is the Director of the Wah Zha Zhi Cultural Center, which is located in downtown Pawhuska.  The mission at the Cultural Center is dedicated to protecting, promoting and perpetuating the cultural and traditional life ways of the Wah Zha Zhi (Osage) People.  The tenth annual summit is very proud to present Mr.  Bighorse as “our Osage Speaker” for the summit.


David Curtiss

David Curtiss has been named Executive Director of the AAPG and the AAPG Foundation, effective August 16, 2011.  He served as director of the AAPG Geoscience and Energy Office in Washington, D.C. since 2008, after serving as deputy director of the office since its inception in 2005.  He was previously manager of international strategy and development and was senior advisor to the director of the Energy and Geoscience Institute (EGI), located at the University of Utah.


Mr. Curtiss has also contributed his geologic expertise to industry-funded petroleum studies in Algeria, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Columbia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uganda and the United States, plus several global exploration opportunity assessments.


Mr. Curtiss has a bachelor’s degree in geology from Wheaton College, IL, a master’s degree in earth resources management from the University of South Carolina and a master’s in business administration from the University of Utah.


Charles W. Wickstrom

Charles Wickstrom has been the Managing member of Spyglass Energy Group, LLC, 2003 to the present time.  He created Spyglass to explore for and exploit both conventional and unconventional resources in the U.S., and in addition founded and is a managing member of Alliance Geophysical; a 3D seismic data acquisition company.  3D data and seismic attribute analysis have been keys in the success of Spyglass.  Areas of exploration include the Appalachian Basin, Illinois Basin and the Mid-Continent. Seismic stratigraphic analysis of the Mississippi Chat and fracture analysis of the Mississippi Lime is a key to Spyglass’s success in developing and exploiting reserves in the Mid-Continent.  Spyglass has also developed and is producing reserves from the Woodford Shale in the Arkoma and Ardmore Basins of Oklahoma.  Horizontal drilling and fracture treatment technologies have been keys to the success of these projects.  Mr. Wickstrom has been drilling Mississippian wells in Osage County since the first well he ever drilled in 1979.  The well is still producing.




Don Unruh

Don Unruh is a Geophysicist/Geologist for Sullivan Oil and Gas Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He began his career as a Seismic processing director for Professional Geophysics, Inc. in Dallas, Texas, and served as Vice President for this company through 1984.  In 1984, he formed Stroder & Unruh Geophysical in Dallas, Texas, which specialized in seismic exploration in the Mid-Continent and the Michigan basin.  In 1994, he started work with Sullivan Oil & Gas, managing the acquisition and exploitation of 3D seismic surveys in the mid-continent and the Texas Gulf coast.  He is currently a member of the SPE and is active with the Tulsa Geologic Study group.

Jesse Crews

Mr. Crews is a geologist and geophysicist working for BGI Resources LLA, an independent Operator in northern Osage County.  He has a B.S. in Geology from Sonoma State University, and a M.S. in Applied Geophysics from U.C. Berkeley.  Prior to working with BGI Resources, Mr. Crews has worked for the U.S. Geologic Survey with their Alaska Petroleum Studies group, Todd Engineers as a hydro geologist, and taught Environmental Engineering in Kyzlorda, Kazakhstan with the U.S. Peace Corps.  He is currently managing operations for BGI Resources, and has helped design and implements their exploration and development activities.

G. Randy Keller

G. Randy Keller, Director of the Oklahoma Geological Survey since 2007, holds a B.S. Mathematics, M.S. Geosciences and PH.D Geosciences, all from Texas Tech University.  He is currently Professor and Edward Lamb McCollough Chair in geophysics at the University of Oklahoma.  He previous held a variety of positions at the University of Texas at El Paso, including the L.A. Nelson Professorship, Chair of the Department of Geological Sciences,  Founding Director of the J. W. Miller Geophysical Lab and Director of the Kidd Seismological Observatory.  He has also served as a consultant for Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory.


Professor Keller has published over 260 scientific papers and book chapters.  He regularly makes presentations at scientific meetings and to university and industrial research groups.  In addition, he has helped organize numerous large geophysical research efforts and has obtained almost $26,000,000 in funding from sources including NSF, NASA, DOE, U. S. Geological Survey, Department of Defense and industry.

James O. Puckett

Mr. Puckett is an Associate Professor in the School of Geology at Oklahoma State University.  He came to OSU in 1990, after working fourteen years as an exploration geologist in the oil and gas industry.  He holds B.S. degrees in Geology and Secondary Science Education, as well as an M.S. Degree in Geology and a PH.D. in Environmental Science.


In addition to his collegiate instruction and research, Dr. Puckett is actively involved in Outreach to school and youth groups.  A proponent of inquiry based science and hands-on activities for learners; he has visited numerous classrooms and youth groups.  He is active in professional organizations and served on the America Association of Petroleum Geologists Youth Educational Activities and Core and Sample Preservation Committees.

Vance Hall

Mr. Hall was a Corporal in the United State Marine Corps.  He received a M.S. in Geology, Oklahoma State University, where he went to night school, mostly in Stillwater, some in Tulsa, with Hydrogeology emphasis.  He received a B.S. in Geology from the University of Oklahoma.  He also attended as chemistry major, 1964-1966, before joining USMC and ROKMC brothers in the fight against communism.

When asked what his skills are, his reply was “I find oil and gas”.

 James Revard

James M. Revard has served as the Executive Director of the Commission on Marginally Producing Oil & Gas Wells (MWC) for the state of Oklahoma, since January, 2007.  In this position, he serves the marginal well oil and gas operators by holding a Trade Expo each year, where new products and services are displayed.  The Expo is attended by over 2000 employees of independent oil and gas operators.   Mr. Revard’s office also conducts surveys and reports on a number of hot topics and provides them to the marginal well operators. 

James has continued a family tradition of working in the oil and gas industry that began three generations ago.  His father and grandfather were independent operators in the state, as well as other family members.   Mr. Revard has a great appreciation and understanding for the challenges that the independent oil and gas operators face today.


S. J. Mazzullo

Education:  BS, Brooklyn College (1969), Geology; MS Brooklyn College (1971) Geology; PhD, Renssealaer Polytechnic Institute (1974), Sedimentology; dissertation advisor G.M. Friedman


President, S. J. Mazzullo, PhD, Inc., Petroleum Geological Consultants (1981-1987)

Consultant petroleum geologist for Nat-Gas LLC   (2005-present); Gas-Pro LLC (2005-present);

Woolsey Exploration (2004-present); Mid-America Resources LLC (2003-present)


Mr. Mazzullo is currently the professor in the Department of Geology, Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas.  

 Shane Matson

Shane Matson was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He received his degrees in Geology at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.  The UA provided good training ground for exploration of the Mississippian of NE Oklahoma, which he has been a part of since 2003.  Mr. Matson’s current work and interest focuses on integration of 3D seismic volumes with traditional exploration workflow for Paleozoic reservoirs of the Mid-Continent.


In addition to more than full time geological work that keeps him happily jumping from rig to office, Shane enjoys being the father of two little boys, Miller and Paulo, and husband to Wendy, who, like many wives of geologists, understands that “Hope to see you tomorrow, but there’s a real good chance that I will see you in 3 days”.  Shane is employed by Spyglass Energy Group in Tulsa and has also worked diligently on the Osage Oil & Gas Summit and Lease Sale.

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson is a technical sales representative with IHS-PETRA.   Brian is based in Tulsa, OK, and has a degree in Geology from the University of Tulsa.  Prior to joining IHS, Brian worked as a physical scientist for the Corps of Engineers, the sole geologist for a small environmental firm, and as a geological engineer for a geotechnical engineering company.