Negotiated Rule Making Meeting Draft Agenda
April 02, 2013


DRAFT Agenda

Osage Negotiated Rulemaking Committee

Tuesday, April 2, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Osage Cultural Center

Pawhuska, Oklahoma

9:00 Opening Prayer

9:10 Introduction of Committee Members

9:20 Opening – Mike Black, Director, Bureau of Indian Affairs

9:30 Review of Agenda, Handing out of March Meeting Summary – Facilitator and


9:40 Committee Discussion on Outstanding Issues

Committee will review and discuss outstanding issues the draft final

regulations to include, but not limited to, §§ 226.2(b) (sale of leases

payment language); 226.6 (bonding generally; 226.6(g) (release of

bonding language); and, 226.9(a) (rentals).

Summary of additional public comments/issues to date

Committee decides what else to consider at this time and deliberates

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Public Comment

2:15 Approve March Meeting Summary and then Committee Responds to Public

Comment, as appropriate

3:00 Final deliberations of Committee

Committee makes additional revisions, if needed, to draft final regulations

Committee deliberates on final issues

Committee seeks consensus on final regulations in total

4:45 Final Remarks and Closing Prayer

5:00 Adjourn for Day

General Note on Public Comment Periods

Commenters will be called in order of sign up

Comments may be up to 4 minutes (depending on number of commenters)

Commenters should address the Committee as a whole and speak specifically to the


Given that the process is coming to a conclusion, commenters are strongly encouraged

to offer specific suggestions at this point in the process

Committee to consider comments at end of comment period as it engages in its final