An Immersion Story
June 29, 2010

Hello Osage



You may have

been interested
in attending one our monthly

language immersions but for

one reason or another, whether

you just did not have the time,

it was short notice or you think

you do not know enough

language -- whatever the case

may be--we want YOU there!


Language preservation (to

prevent languages from

becoming unknown) is made

possible by COMMUNITY

participation - we need YOU!


If curiosity has gotten the best

of you, here is a small literary

peek inside the immersion:

Osage could be heard for over

an hour as we engaged in topics

such as weather, politics, food

and the dances, making it

possible for all to chime in. 

Newly elected congressman

Geoffrey Standing Bear made a

show of support, encouraged

and also applauded the

language program for their

continued hard work.  A feast

of foods were available to suit

anyone's palette, and newborn

Lottie Pehan Zhutse Red Corn,

whose parent's, Ryan RedCorn

and Electa Hare RedCorn,

made the public declaration to

raise newborn Lottie with the

Osage language, made it to her

first immersion.

A PowerPoint of various

visuals that corresponded with

our illustrious "advanced

sentences" were shown to incite

conversation whereby laughs

could be heard as some

"ad-libbing" ensued. 

The immersions are always a

success and we look forward to

meeting up again in July for

another potluck of goodies, great

fellowship, perhaps additional

tribal leader support, and

always great Osage language


We would to say thank you to those who

participated: Jackie Badley, Jesse Badley,

Ryan Red Corn, Electa

Red Corn, Lottie Pehan Zhutse

Red Corn, Robin West, Mogri

Lookout, Judy Lookout, Bill

Lynn, Cameron Pratt, Vonnie

Wilson, Rebekah HorseChief,

Tracey Moore, Kayte Pratt plus

daughter and grand children,

Veronica Pipestem, Billy

Proctor, Stephanie Rapp and

Geoffrey Standingbear for

showing up and for the great

fellowship, excellent food and

most importantly, for keeping

the language alive!

Rebekah HorseChief

Osage Nation Language


Recruiter/Language Instructor

260 N. 2nd Street

Fairfax, OK 74637


"Orthography is Sovereignty"