August 23, 2012

The Osage Nation Gaming Enterprise Board conducted its Election of Officers, at the regularly scheduled Board meeting held August 22, 2012, 11:00AM in the Osage Casinos Central Services Offices located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The newly elected officers are:

Chairperson of the Board: Stacy Laskey

Vice Chair: Randy Carnett

Secretary / Treasurer: Candy Thomas

As directed by the By-laws of the Gaming Enterprise Board, the officers were elected by a majority vote of the entire Board. They newly elected Officers assumed their respective roles at the conclusion of the August 22nd  meeting.

Stacy Laskey, newly elected Chair, and the outgoing Vice-Chair, commented, “The election was a long time coming, due to the changes in the board structure, the process of bringing new board members up to speed, Congressional elections, and a Board meeting with the full quorum of the Board.  I am looking forward to the upcoming year, the possibilities, and opportunities to really make a difference. Due to the current unprecedented growth of Osage Casinos, the time required of the Board members can be taxing. I believe the experience and accessibility Mr. Carnett and Mrs. Thomas bring to the Board, will spread out the work flow, and bring us to a new level of involvement.”

Randy Carnett, the newly elected Vice Chair, was appointed and approved by Congress to the Board earlier this year said, “I believe this election of Board officers represents a new era for the Osage Nation Gaming Enterprise. It is a privilege to serve and we  believe we can assist in better defining the role and responsibilities of the Board, fulfilling its Constitutional mandate and providing a foundation that will serve to protect the Nation's interest far beyond our tenure.”

The By-laws of the Gaming Enterprise Board state, the Boards primary authority shall be to provide oversight of the Osage Nation’s gaming facilities and gaming-related activities in a profitable manner and in compliance with all applicable laws. Under the direction of The Osage Nation Gaming Reform Act of 2007 and the leadership of the Chair, the Gaming Enterprise Board is responsible for providing to the Osage Nation Congress monthly narratives and financial reports.  As a means of ensuring fiscal and operational accountability, the Board must submit an Annual Plan to the Osage Nation Congress, which includes a multitude of specific criteria, including a budget for the upcoming year, a financial report for the prior year, disclosure of all audit findings, and disclosure of any plans for significant expansion.

The Gaming Enterprise regular meetings are conducted at the Osage Casino Central Services office, located at 1211 W. 36th Street North, Tulsa, OK and are open to the public. The next scheduled meeting is set for September 5th at 11:00AM. For more information regarding the ONGE, you are invited to visit their website,, or contact the office directly by dialing (918) 287-5558.