Sylvan Program Offered Through Summer Months
May 04, 2012


Sylvan Program Offered Through Summer Months

 2012 Sylvan Summer Program Flyer

The Osage Nation Department of Education continues to accept Sylvan tutoring applications for students in K-12th grade to attend a Sylvan center of their choice. End of the year grade reports are currently being sent out to parents. If a child has struggled throughout the year or during this last quarter, they are encouraged to apply. The summer break is a great opportunity to make those needed educational gains in reading and math.


The tribally funded program is designed to serve Osage students across the nation. The intent of the program is to work collaboratively with Osage families and Sylvan Learning Centers to serve as many Osage students as possible that are at academic risk.


Eligible students receive payment assistance for tutoring on a monthly basis in one subject area program for up to $3000. The funding amount does not include the initial testing or enrollment fees. The program coordinator will notify parents and cover the cost after approval. Applications are processed on a first come first serve basis.


If you would like more information please contact the program coordinator, Cherise Lookout at (918) 287-5544 or email


Eligibility Requirements

·         Enrolled Osage Member

·         Student in K-12th grade

·         At Academic Risk

·         Current Grade Report of “D” or Below