March 25, 2009

Come Join the Osage Nation SWAT as they teach younger youth the TRUTH about Commercial Tobacco!
Osage Nation SWAT will be hosting KICK BUTTS DAY Carnivals in Pawhuska, Hominy, Fairfax and Shidler 
March 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th.  
Events to take place at the Osage Nation Boys and Girls Clubs in Pawhuska, Hominy and Fairfax. In Shidler the events will be conducted at the local school.
More Information to Follow

Youth movements that follow a youth empowerment model are the reason for many successful efforts within the tobacco control community. Youth are involved in all aspects of tobacco control programs, from the early planning to actually bringing the programs to life. They have developed effective messages that have motivated thousands of youth across the country to take action in the fight against tobacco. It is their creative input and a peer-to-peer messaging system that has allowed for the anti-tobacco industry message to resonate with so many youth throughout the movement. They are not only designing messages that work, but also spreading those messages far and wide through advocacy events, activism, viral marketing and word of mouth. They have done whatever it takes to get their messages out and recruit new advocates and leaders to sustain the tobacco control movement.