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      The Osage Nation Child Care Program has a library on wheels called the Osage Nation Book Mobile. The Book Mobile is a resource to be utilized by child care providers for the Osage Nation Child Care Program. The Book Mobile is full of items for children and providers alike.
       Children can come into the Book Mobile and search for a book that is of special interest to them personally, much the same as they would if they were going to a public library. This provides an experience that some children may not encounter until they are in school. Therefore, it provides the opportunity for learning about how to use books prior to the formal setting of the classroom.
      The providers or teachers at the various facilities affiliated with the Osage Nation Child Care Program can also check out books. However, they have additional options and resources at their fingertips. There are book sets that have a group of books that focus on a particular topic or theme. There are also book packs that have books with the props for that particular book.  For example, the book The Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly, has a fabric cut-out of the old woman and additional cut-outs of all the items she swallows in the book. These book packs provide an additional visual aspect to assist in holding the children's interest.
      Another option the Book Mobile provides is our wide variety of Theme Bags. Theme Bags have been designed to assist providers with their curriculum needs. Each bag focuses on a particular topic or theme. Some examples are ABC's, Community Helpers, Numbers, Ocean Life, Pirates, Fire & Safety, etc. There are more than 70 different Theme Bags to choose from.  Within the bags, providers will find coloring pages, arts and crafts ideas, books, toys, games, songs, etc. that all focus on the particular topic of the bag and can be used to enhance the curriculum being used in the facility. If the facility does not have a curriculum in place, these Theme Bags can be used to assist in creating one. The Theme Bags are checked out just like the books and will be returned upon the next visit by the Book Mobile or they can be returned directly to the Osage Nation Child Care Office.
      There are also CD's, DVD's, games, flannel board cut outs, and other items available on the book mobile.
      If you are interested in these valuable resources or would like more information concerning the Osage Nation Book Mobile, please feel free to contact Katie Swan at (918) 287-5377.